Graphic Design

Graphic design studio

Visual Communication design combines creative arts & technology to communicate ideas effectively.

Our talented designers enhance your brand message with creative design, pictures, drawings, illustrations that convey information across print and digital media.

Take a look at our lettering, art and graphic & web design projects and contact our design studio in Tokyo to discuss future visual communication, design and art projects.

Computer graphics

We use specialized graphical hardware and software to produce visual content like pictures and films.

You need help with visual content creation?

Our Tokyo-based computer graphic designers can certainly help!


RealCRO visual artists can provide creative visual explanations to your texts, presentations, and concepts.

Let’s make your posters, slide deck presentation, white paper, flyers, animation, annual report, videos, games, magazines, books, and/or training material clear, inviting & impactful.


You need help with typography, lettering or calligraphy projects?

We can develop hand-drawn lettering graphics or fonts which will act as your visual signatures on your letterhead, presentation and website.


Cinemagraphs are animated photographs which form a video clip.

These animation-like pictures are quite popular on social media.

Do you need help with creating creative content for your digital channels?


Our Tokyo-based photographers provide shooting and photo editing service.

We support product close-up, portrait, event, corporate and landscape photography projects.

We are also open to collaborations in art, fashion & sports.

Exhibit design – Architectural design

Let’s invite your guests to your store, booth or exhibition with optimized display design and visual merchandising.

Use our exhibit, store and architectural designers for your next trade show or new boutique opening and engage your audiences in meaningful and compelling interactions.