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La Maison Valmont


Integrated Marketing & Communications

Our collaboration with Valmont started with the production of “Perfecting powder” Japan launching event video in Ginza 6.

The Valmont group from Switzerland includes two luxury cosmetics brands and two niche Italian fragrance brands.

Visit Valmont e-commerce platform for more information

Print and Direct Marketing

After a successful collaboration Valmont Japan team has chosen RealCRO as their marketing & communications partner.

RealCRO has conceptualized, designed and produced print marketing assets for events and seasonal product offers at Valmont Point of Sales.

Design & Cinemagraph

A tailored QR code was designed to link Valmont group online with offline activities.

Content assets like this cinemagraph were also produced by our team for digital marketing purpose.


RealCRO supported the localisation of Valmont e-commerce platform in Japan.

Our service included copy transcreation, UX/UI optimization, SEO strategy, quality assurance.

Magento was chosen as content management system (CMS) by the Valmont team.

RealCRO Engineering Manager and Magento expert supported Valmont Head Office team with platform migration, setting up URL redirections, overall project coordination and Valmont Japan team coaching & sales management training.

Motion Graphic Video and Music Production


Valmont branded snowflakes by RealCRO

Using Valmont logo RealCRO creative team produced a winter special evergreen motion graphics and  soundtrack to be shared on digital media.

Programmatic Display Advertising

A one-year programmatic display advertising campaign has also been produced by RealCRO and executed by our partner using their Demand-Side-Platform.

This campaign was launched in parallel of Search Engine Marketing and Social media advertising campaign.

One month after the launch we managed to reach the group monthly sales objectives.

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media Marketing & Community Management

From March 2019 RealCRO was given the mission to grow Valmont Japan Instagram audience.

The page had been launched two years prior and had a fan base of 600 followers when the RealCRO team took over this project.

Corporate Brochure

RealCRO also supported the Valmont group with their B2B marketing efforts.

The group global corporate brochure was completely reinvented and the copy transcreated to appeal to our local business audience.

Exhibit Design

RealCRO was offered the opportunity to suggest a seasonal store display and visual merchandising concept for Valmont Ginza Six boutique.


Following the success of the e-boutique the RealCRO team supported the development of the Valmont community.

After centralising all Valmont contacts in one single database a newsletter was designed to connect, inform and engage with both physical point of sales clients and online customers.

Visual Merchandising

After visiting Valmont POS and having considered the nearby environment, budget & objectives, the RealCRO team decided to “wrap-up” the entire store with a 20 cm thick and Christmas gift-like red ribbon.

Christmas branded and seasonal decorations were also strategically placed in store to enhance Valmont’s on-ground customer journey and experience.

Project Dashboard

Influencer Marketing

Regular influencer activations were also managed for Valmont by RealCRO.

Our team service included influencer selection, schedule and venue booking, on-ground coaching, content direction and distribution strategy, follow-up, client & influencer relationship management and reporting.

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"Create Reciprocal Opportunities"


New Shinbashi Building  9F #903 2-16-1

Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004


+81  3 - 6268 - 8815

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