RealCRO is a Japan-based full-service agency with in-house video & music production capacity.
From creative concept and pre-production to shooting and post-production we can support any video production project independently of its size and budget.
The agility, the professionalism and the creativity of our team has led us to produce interview videos for global Key Opinion Leaders, event & corporate videos for clients from various sectors and TVCM for global brands.
Our team includes motion graphics, color grading, aerial/drone shooting and music production specialists.
We also work directly with models, actors, thought leaders and celebrities from our network.
This enables us to match talent and roles efficiently and provide our clients with tailored full-production services.

Creative Concept Development


“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail,” we say. Memorable videos capture your audience’s interest, encapsulate clear call-to-action, and trigger emotional responses.

Our approach to creative concept development is comprehensive and user-centered. The selected concept is always in line with your creative brief, usable across all channels, and tailored to appeal to your target audience.

Storyboarding & Animatics


Storyboards are visual examples of what your final video will look & feel like.

Animated storyboards or animatics include sound elements and effects which allow us to choose the pacing, select plans and adjust the composition.

Realistic animatics provide all stakeholders involved with a clear idea of what is feasible within their timeline and budget.

Production service


Our mantra is “Emotions in motion”. At RealCRO we believe that every film shot should reflect the tone & manner of the movie.

We support video production projects from equipment, cast & crew selection & scheduling, location scouting & booking to editing & directing and budget & vendor management.

Motion Graphics


Our motion graphics designers can create animations tailored to your needs and objectives for multimedia or to illustrate your film, TV & music projects.

Send us your creative brief or a piece of digital footage or animation you like to help us visualise your project.

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